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Large Variety of Dance Classes

At The Dance Stream, we're excited to offer a diverse range of classes tailored to fit the unique needs of each dancer. Our approach blends exceptional training techniques with a foundation rooted in strong values, creating a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Our goal is to help you embrace your natural talent, build self-confidence, and experience the pure joy of dance.

We believe in the power of personalized attention. That's why we keep our class sizes smaller, ensuring that each student receives individualized guidance and support. Our carefully curated curriculum is designed to help you achieve your dance goals while fostering a deep appreciation for the art of dance. When you join The Dance Stream, you're not just joining a studio – you're becoming a part of a vibrant and welcoming dance community.

Our mission is to ignite your passion, nurture your potential, and create memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Our Teachers

Best dancers from around the world

Jessica Ford

Jessica Ford

Stage Division Team Artistic Director, Jazz and Contemporary

Jessica is contemporary instructor. She gained a strong technical foundation at Performing Dance Arts and...

Antoaneta Popova

Antoaneta Popova

Artistic Director - Ballroom Division

Antoaneta is a ballroom instructor. 

Alona Khaninson

Alona Khaninson

Ballet Teacher

Alona Khaninson began her professional dance training at the age of 9 after leaving the...

Tea Paluzzi

Tea Paluzzi

Part-Time Company Director

Tea is a jazz teacher.

Ilya Bodyakin

Ilya Bodyakin

Hip-Hop, Street Style Technique

Ilya Bodyakin is a 22 year old dancer from Thornhill Ontario. He began his Hip-Hop...

Mackenzie MacNeil

Mackenzie MacNeil

Acro & Tumbling teacher

Mackenzie is an acro and tumbling teacher

Leon Shvaitser

Leon Shvaitser

Latin, Hip-Hop & Breakdance teacher

Leon is a latin, hip-hop and breakdance teacher

Alissa Guissine

Alissa Guissine

Pre-Dance and Latin Dance Instructor

Alissa is a pre-dance and latin dance teacher

Our Philosophy

At The Dance Stream, we're dedicated to tailoring our diverse classes to meet the unique needs of every dancer. With immense pride in our distinctive dance style and innovative training methods, we instill strong core values in each individual. Recognizing the individuality of each dancer, we're committed to enhancing their natural talents in an atmosphere that's fun, encouraging, and supportive.

Our carefully curated curriculum serves as a guiding light, empowering each student to achieve their dance aspirations. We're not just about learning; we're here to nurture self-esteem, foster a love for dance, and above all, ensure a whole lot of fun! Our passion for exceptional instruction is contagious, and we're confident you'll share the same sentiment.

Experience our personalized approach firsthand in our smaller classes, where students receive the attention they deserve.

Studio Rental


In order for teachers and students to fully benefit from the dance classes it is encouraged that all dancers follow the dress code to maintain an ordered and successful dance class environment.

Pre-dance girls- pink ballet shoes, ballet tights, black or pink bodysuit, hair in a neat bun away from the dancers face.

boys- black shorts, black or white plain T-shirt, black socks.

Ballet girls- pink ballet canvas shoes, ballet tights, black bodysuit, hair in a neat bun away from the dancers face.

boys- black fitted shorts, black or white plain T-shirt, black ballet shoes.

Jazz & Contemporary girls- beige jazz shoes (for jazz), black socks (for contemporary), black leggings or shorts, black bodysuit, hair in a neat bun away from the dancers face.

boys- white tank top or fitted tight T-shirt, black jazz shoes and black shorts.

Hip-Hop girls and boys- indoor running shoes, sweat pants, tank top or T-shirt, hair in a ponytail.
Adults dress code is optional, but recommended and proper shoes are required
 Latin & Ballroom girls- black bodysuit, black short skirt (latin), black long skirt (standard), latin or standard shoes (depending on the class), hair in a neat bun away from the dancers face.

boys- dress pants, white fitted shirt, latin or standard shoes (depending on the class).

 Tap girls- leggings, tank top (everything black), tap shoes, hair in a pony tail.

boys- shorts, T-shirt (everything black), tap shoes.

 Acro girls-black bodysuit, leggings or shorts, hair in a neat bun away from the dancers face.

boys- shorts and a fitted T-shirt.

 Breakdance  girls and boys- indoor running shoes, sweat pants, T-shirt/long sleeve shirt, (girls hair in a pony tail)

Dance sweaters and leg warmers are acceptable.


The shoes listed here are generally what will be worn HOWEVER, double check with your instructor before purchasing any shoes, be sure to keep your receipt, and please bring your shoes to your instructor so they can confirm the style.


Hair must be firmly secured away from the face and up off the neck. Ballet students are Required to have hair in a BUN.

NO Jewelry, and no Gum Chewing.