Peter Loung

Breakdance Instructor

Peter Loung is a multifaceted performer, entertainer, and teacher. Peter is a film and television actor working with many iconic actors such as: Robin Williams, Edward Norton, Christian Bale, Chow Yun Fat, Erin Karpluk etc. Peter is an acrobat in the circus and is now an internationally certified gymnastics coach NCCP Level 3. Peter is a musician starting classical guitar from the age of 5 and as a result finished his Royal Conservatory training and a University degree in music. He has played with, opened, and written for a myriad of artists including: Karl Wolf, Lauryn Hill, Kardinall Offishall, and Kaos to name a few. His love for music subsequently translated into a passion for movement and concurrently he studied the Chinese martial art Wing Chun and later the mystical art form of the Shaolin. This natural aptitude for movement then seamlessly progressed to dance. As a dancer Peter has performed and toured with Wyclef Jean, Soul Decision, Laura Fabian, and Mia Minx. His dancing has been showcased in numerous music videos, live performances, and movies including the film Honey, starring Jessica Alba, a live show for Britney Spears on Much Music, and the opening act for Russell Peters on the Just for Laughs comedy tour. Peter is very proud to be part of the Dance Stream and since his arrival has qualified a breakdance student to attend the world championships two years running!

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