Ilya Bodyakin

Hip-Hop Instructor

He began his Hip-Hop dance education at the age of 14 at various studios before settling at Dance Stream. He continued to train there in the styles of contemporary, ballet, jazz, Latin, and Hip-Hop until he found a passion for Hip-Hop and joined the G-Ties competitive crew where he is now the lead choreographer.

Ilya has trained with many professionals in the industry such as Miles Faber, Amadeus Primal of Northbuck, Luther Brown, Shavar/Leon Blackwood, Kaze, and more. Ilya is a part of the DARK Dance Company Varsity team where he continues to train and learn in styles including Popping, House, Locking, Krump, and more. Ilya has performed for different venues such as Bazaar Showcase and Choreographer’s Ball as well as L.A. artist R-Mean. Ilya is continuously striving to improve his technique and understanding of Hip-Hop movement through the guidance of inspiring mentors such as Lineen Doung and self-discovery.

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